The beauty of being unbiased

When it comes to the products that matter to you, you want the best information out there. Information that gives you exactly what you want and that is free of spin. Spin is put on a lot of reviews because there are forces at work that are compromising the integrity of what is being written. Whether the products being reviewed are paid for by the people that make them or whether the products are advertising on these sites, the flow of information can obviously get disrupted.

We are different in that we do not get money from any outlet. In fact, we pay for the products with our own money, which means that we have what it takes to give you the information that you need to make educated purchases. Whether it is for online product sites or portable products, there is nothing like having someone in your conrer that really cares about what you think.

Giving you the best information

Information that is untainted and written from the perspective of the customer. Since we buy these products on our own, we believe that we are as close to the customer as possible. We put ourselves in their shoes and give them information that we would want to receive if we were a reader. There is no substitute for product reviews that are written for the reader and we answer to the reader alone.

Come see the difference today and see why unbiased reviews are our specialty.

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