The best online outlets

Online review sites today are full of things that may matter to readers or not. Readers do not care who is paying for the reviews, as long as the reviews give the information that they need to make educated purchases. Not all of these media outlets do that, which we find to be a real shame and why we have decided to do things differently. We have decided to test the products ourselves so that we are not beholden to anyone.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone can have their opinion influenced. There is something that can sway anyone and that is money. Money talks and it can make people say things that they do not necessarily believe. We refuse to fall victim to this because we feel as though we owe it to our customers to offer them more than just parroting what the people paying us want us to say.

Saying what is on our mind

The products that we test are purchased by us so we have what it takes to write from a reader’s perspective. We feel as though the reviews we give could come from any person that has tested the product, and we make sure to also pay attention to where we are buying the products from. There are so many places to buy products and some are subject to the same things that make for poor product reviews.

So we pay close attention to where we are buying the products and are here to pass that information along.

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